Dead Cannibal Freaks

"The world we know is gone, but keeping our humanity? That's a choice." - Dale, S2E11

There are a lot of weird victories in this episode. And I wanted them to be weird victories. There’s a very sweet victory in the flashbacks, and in fact, that’s sadly kind of the biggest defeat of the episode, when Hershel said it could be like this all the time. And obviously that’s not true. But the victories of this episode are, you know, Rick biting another man’s throat. It’s horrific and awful, and yet he can do that without angst, without wringing his hands, without questioning himself. He can the next morning, covered in blood — and you’re thinking “Oh, boy. Well, Rick’s lost it, he no longer has a heart” — tell Daryl that he’s his brother. He can do that and be integrated. And then Carl, who is so worried about whether he’s a monster now, that’s an incredible victory for him. Because last year, he wasn’t worried about whether he was a monster after he shot a kid in the face.

—Scott Gimple on the season finale [x]

(Source: the-walking-dead-amc)